Pune…March 05, 2024…Naiknavare Developers, renowned for its well-thought-out community-centric residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, Goa, and Pune successfully hosted the Naiknavare Greens Classic for golf enthusiasts on 1st & 2nd March in Pune, marking a triumphant return to the greens after a hiatus. Formerly known as the Seasons Cup, this prestigious event, now rebranded as the Naiknavare Greens Classic, promises to be a fixture in the annual golfing calendar for years to come.

The event witnessed remarkable participation, with over 226 golf enthusiasts joining in the excitement. This overwhelming response from the golfing community reaffirmed the event’s significance. Such was the fervor that the tournament evolved from its initial one-day format into a thrilling two-day spectacle, allowing for a deeper and more competitive engagement that showcased the diverse talent and passion of the participants.

Anand Naiknavare, Head of Business Processes, Naiknavare Developers said, “Naiknavare Developers strides confidently into a new chapter of its journey. As we embrace the dawn of this era, marked by our third generation of business, we reaffirm our dedication to design and deliver better living for all, fostering sportsmanship and community engagement. The Naiknavare Greens Classic stands as a beacon of excellence, camaraderie, and the enduring appeal of golf, reflecting our ongoing commitment to timeless values”.

The success of the Naiknavare Greens Classic sets the stage for an exciting future. With plans to make this an annual event. Naiknavare aims to further elevate the tournament’s stature, fostering a tradition that unites golf enthusiasts and showcases the best of the sport.

About Naiknavare Developers

Naiknavare Developers was established in 1986 in Pune, Maharashtra, by Shri D.P. Naiknavare a.k.a. Dadasaheb along with his two sons Hemant Naiknavare and Ranjit Naiknavare, and daughter-in-law Gauri Naiknavare. Other than creating residential and commercial projects, the developers now aim to build schools, hotels, and business centres that are considerate of the changing urban and peri-urban real estate needs. Naiknavare has been a success story for more than 38 years, with 60+ projects encompassing 18 million square feet of construction, with an additional 3.1 million square feet currently under construction and 6 million square feet under planning. Today it represents the wisdom that comes from a wealth of experience and the vitality of new ideas that are moving forward. The goal of Naiknavare, which started as a family-run technocratic business and eventually blossomed into a full-fledged professional enterprise, is to create space for everyone. Naiknavare has been constructed from high-end residential to SRA, commercial, and academic landmarks Developments by Naiknavare are considered to be refined and elegant. The brand has gained respect for its values, which are evident in the workplace culture, as well as for being a strong, successful business enterprise. Honesty, integrity, and dignity serve as its guiding principles. With their framework firmly planted in the moral ground, Naiknavare is prepared to imagine greater ambitions in the real estate sector in the future.