Music, food for soul, puts us in a happy place, makes us sway and dance and connect with our loved ones. The thumping beats and sounds make us groove and transport us to another world. DJ Krish, or TBOM as he is known, gives you enough reason for this and more!

His love for music took him to dizzying heights, with him bagging the BEST DJ 2023 at WOW Awards 2023 and now he is slated to play at Mykonos tonight, the very first Indian to play at the hub of the world’s nightlife. His passion for music and dedication got him here. DJ Krish has lived and breathed music all his life. Taken in by the sweet and upbeat sounds of upcoming artists, he created his own versions by using urban sounds. He was liked and loved and soon he found himself doing some gigs in Mumbai. The club scene, a music aficionado’s much-loved, followed soon enough. Luxx, London Reign, Soho House, Tramp, Cirque le Soir, and many others were a part of the many he played at.

Along with DJing, Krish’s thirst for music simply could not be quenched by playing at even the most prestigious clubs and parties. And so, he began producing and compiling sets of the music he loved the most, and voila – his banner, ‘The Book of Music’, was launched. What started off as passion, soon grew into a bigger dream and eventually became his very life itself. Krish was loved and appreciated once again and he won many accolades. He has no set genre, he’s extremely versatile and has been on the scene for the past decade. Bollywood, Punjabi, Hip-Hop, House, Commercial, he is ready to entertain the crowd with anything they wish for. Whether it’s the big fat Indian wedding, a celebrity soiree, or an intimate gathering, TBOM adapts and gives them what they want. He matches their style and caters to their preferences.

He has shared the stage with artists such as Nora En Pure, Diplo, Jay Sean, and others and even played with the likes of Gurdeep Mehendi, Sukhbir, and other prominent artists. With more than 120 weddings across 30 countries and 50 cities on his name, DJ Krish’s portfolio boasts of some celebrated names. Krish’s creativity and versatility made him a winner at the WOW Awards 2023, the most premier one in the world of music. And now, these very qualities have propelled him to reach and light up the international party scene at MYKONOS. The very first Indian to do so, he is undoubtedly set to make a mark globally, with his eclectic creations that transcend every genre, striking a chord with every kind of music lover. 

DJ Krish, is all set to make you burn the dance floor!