Solo traveling can be exciting and revitalizing. The benefits can teach you things about yourself, like no classroom in the world can do. Some people go on solo travel to explore this aspect of life while others go alone to rebuild their lives after personal turmoil. Solo traveling can be done at any time in your life as a short term adventure or a long-term commitment.

When travelling, feelings run high and the experience can be a difficult one especially when travelling solo. However, using some solo travel tips tailored for first-timers can help make the experience more fruitful and satisfying. Travelling solo can help you learn more about yourself—one main reason why you need to take a solo trip at least once in your life.

Our extensive list of tips for first-time travelers has received many positive reviews. Use them to make your solo trip abroad just as welcoming and safe as our tips have made it for so many other people.

Choose to be practical over style and variety of clothing

If you want to save space during your solo travels, practice packing light. Lay out all of your luggage options before you start packing and determine how much weight you can carry as well as what maintainable adjustments you need on the go. Minimizing the amount of skincare and makeup essentials is also a helpful tactic, especially when trying to get through security checks quickly or waiting in line at the airport.

Load up on e-books

Solo travel can be a little overwhelming, but it is important to pack the essentials, such as books and electronic readers. E-books take up less space in your bag so that you can bring more clothes. Traveling solo can be an adventure, so it is important to not get discouraged when going sightseeing by yourself.

Wander aimlessly

Solo travel tips for first-timers. Who said you cannot live a poetic life that encourages wandering and exploring aimlessly? That is how Alice found her wonderland and who is to say you won’t? Sometimes just wandering without any fixed schedule may take you to some beautiful, unexplored places.

Embrace your time alone when you’re traveling solo

Solo travel is about embracing the solitary moments; fighting them off can sound overwhelming, but it is important to cherish them. These moments teach you lessons about life and yourself that are hard to come by.

Thorough research

Planning ahead before leaving the hotel is always a good idea for new solo travelers. Take some time to map out where you will be going as well as how you will get around. Copymatic can help you with this task, since it allows for two hours of work in one setting.

Keep your loved ones informed about your whereabouts

Two important solo travel tips for first-timers are staying in touch with people back home, and letting the front desk know of your day’s plans. It is also important to remain on guard; while areas like London and Paris are generally safe, women should not wander too far by themselves.

Open to communication

One of the most important tips for travelling on your own for the first time is smiling! A smile can put you in a much more positive mood when you’re experiencing an unfamiliar place. Smiles also help to break down barriers because it’s hard to say no to someone with such a cheerful personality. It might also be beneficial to learn at least a few words of the language spoken in the country where you are travelling, as this can make interactions that little bit smoother.