Dress for your lips with 4 types of lipsticks from the diverse industry. Apart from clothes, you now have choices for lipstick in a variety of colors and compositions: matte, sheer, velvet, glossy, as well as tinted. Here is a list that will help you find the perfect lipstick to continuously feel and look your best.

Everyday wear – Sheer lipstick

Sheer lipstick is the ideal choice for those looking for a natural look. For ease, Lusture lipstick by Maybelline New York is lightweight and contains castor seed oil to keep your lips moisturized. Updating the look from daytime to evening is seamless with Faithfully Pure Beige which will gradually change its finish according to the amount of sunlight that falls on it.

For dry lips – Cream lipstick

Maybelline empowers women to be presentable even when they “inevitably” have moments throughout the day where they need to look their best. Their Cream Finish Lipstick comes in 40 different rich and diverse shades. From a distinct orange color, to a deep purple hue: Maybelline has a lipstick for everyone. They are moisturizing with ingredients like Lanolin Oil, Beeswax, and Sesame Seed Oil. Maybelline is your go-to for the last minute push

There are many types of lipsticks, but when you want your lips to feel loved with top ingredients and softness, then cream lipsticks are the best. Cream lipsticks give a delicate texture to your lips too with their Vitamin E, aloe, and synthetic or natural ingredients. They also come in a range of brilliant colors that give off some shine.

Liquid Lipstick – Matte lipstick

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color is a velvety, liquid lipstick that dries matte and provides rich pigment, perfect for any type of day. Comfortable to wear, you can keep it on for days at a time without having to reapply it or use it in combination with a lip liner for more definition. You can find this comfortable lipstick in 16 different shades, making it your perfect go-to if you don’t have the time to change your makeup often.

For thin lips – Glossy lipstick

For women with thin lips, glossy rich colors in glossy finishes are perfect. There are a variety of 20 different shades to enhance delicate skin tones. These lipsticks look great on their own as well as when paired with other lip products. These high-shine lip glosses are a shiny, vibrant and luxurious way for you to express your personality. They leave a pretty stain on your lips during the days wear and fade gradually without feeling heavy or matting.