With the right accessories and jewelry, you can create a cohesive look. The idea is to be able to adapt your look with these pieces in order to create an outfit that is personalized and perfect for the wearer. According to research from the Daily Mail, women spend 90 minutes of each week on clothing decisions including accessories and jewelry.

Tips on simple and stylish jewelry coordinating :

Pick jewelry according to skin tone

When you decide what outfit to wear, likewise consider the colors of your outfit and the color of your skin when selecting accessories. Matching skin tone is a great way to accessorize pieces that aesthetically work well with the nature of the outfit and skin. But when wearing earth tone outfits, white or rose gold are great pieces to bring out some of the other colors in your outfit while they are still mellow shades.

How to layer jewelry in 2 popular ways

Follow these five tips to match jewelry with any outfit. The first step is to figure out the overall look you are going for, which can be done by simply looking at your clothes and thinking of a few words that describe what they remind you of. Next, accessorize. Consider how each piece will affect your overall look and still allow you to achieve this goal as much as possible while giving off the vibe that you are looking for. Start with smaller, less expensive pieces like necklaces and

Busy patterns and simple jewelry go together

When you’re accessorizing with jewelry, avoid busy patterns with your modern jewelry. A patterned chunky necklace may take away from the intricate design on an elegant top, so keep dressier outfits simple with a subtler statement necklace. Try pairing a bold print with gold or silver earrings to compliment rather than overpower even the most challenging of patterns.

How statements earrings frame the face and neck

Did you know earrings are best suited for particular face shapes? Dangle earrings suit round faces because they elongate your face and soften the angles of a square face shape. Hoop earrings flatters an angled square shape.

Choose a necklace that flatters your neckline

So if you are on a fashion mission and want to elevate your wardrobe with the right statement pieces, just accessorize it with the right necklace. The type of necklace that fits your neckline catches the eye first and can be a game changer for showcasing your personal style.

Less is more when accessorizing, with neutral colors the best ones to pair. Black or gray studs and gemstone necklaces that shine are great additions.

What accessories best match your outfits? To figure it out, divide them into 3 categories: simple, dainty gold or silver pieces, statement pieces that layer and can be mixed and matched to get desired look.