Budgetpe Private Limited, a social media agency founded by Rohit and Kiran, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the digital marketing industry. In a recent interview, the founders discussed AI’s impact and the importance of maintaining job security.

Harnessing AI for Good

Rohit highlighted AI’s benefits for digital marketing. “AI is changing our approach,” he said. “From data analytics to personalized customer interactions, the possibilities are immense. Our goal is to use these advancements for good.”

By using AI, Budgetpe can analyze large datasets to gain insights into customer behavior, allowing for more targeted marketing strategies. “It’s about making marketing more intelligent and effective,” Rohit explained.

Balancing Automation and Employment

Kiran addressed the concern of job displacement due to AI. “AI automates many tasks, but it shouldn’t replace human employment,” he said. “We aim to enhance human capabilities.”

Kiran emphasized upskilling the workforce. “AI can handle repetitive tasks, freeing our team for more creative roles. This improves job satisfaction and outcomes for our clients.” Budgetpe invests in training to ensure its team can work alongside AI.

Enhancing Quality and Affordability

Rohit and Kiran agree that AI improves the quality and affordability of marketing services. “AI allows us to deliver high-quality work efficiently,” Rohit noted. “This efficiency translates to cost savings, which we pass on to our clients.”

By automating routine processes, Budgetpe can focus more on creative initiatives, resulting in impactful marketing campaigns at lower costs. “Our clients get top-tier services without the premium price tag,” Kiran added.

The Future of AI in Marketing

Looking ahead, Rohit and Kiran are optimistic about AI’s future in marketing. They believe that ongoing advancements will further enhance the industry’s capabilities. “We are just scratching the surface of what AI can do,” Rohit said. “The possibilities are endless.”

Kiran emphasized the importance of ethical AI practices. “As we integrate AI, we must remain vigilant about its ethical implications. Transparency, fairness, and accountability should guide us.”


Rohit and Kiran’s insights highlight AI’s potential in digital marketing. By focusing on using AI for good, ensuring job security, and enhancing service quality and affordability, Budgetpe Private Limited sets a positive example. As AI evolves, thoughtful integration can lead to a more efficient, creative, and inclusive marketing future.