First Tattoo

Planning your first tattoo may be daunting for many. Tattoos are a piece of permanent art which can have stronger meaning, and the pain can take time to get used to. Never rush the decision or have it because it’s cool; every tattoo has significance. For example, you could get a word as your reminder to live well or keep an eye on your life moving forward. Designs should be planned out before going in for the needle, with consideration for factors from being sure of the design

Here are some tips to go over before you start your walk of tattoo regret:

Learn how to choose the design and where you want to place the tattoo

First, you should prepare for the location and design of your first tattoo. Are you considering a large piece on a vulnerable area, or just something on the back? Second, how much of your body will the piece cover will dictate how long it will take the tattoo artist to do their work.

What extenuating medical conditions should you let your tattoo artist know about?

The medical condition you are suffering from can affect the decision of whether or not to get a tattoo. If you suffer from a serious disorder, reach out to your doctor first before making any definitive decisions.

How to ensure your new tattoo is hygienic

The next tattoo advice for new tattoo artists is to select a clean and well-managed shop. Current hygiene best practices are met in this small-town tradition, a mother-son operation with several piercers who only work Monday through Saturday because they work from home when the shops are closed.

How to maintain healthy skin

Getting your first tattoo? Be sure to stay hydrated and bring some snacks. Follow our tips to make the process easy.

Avoid alcoholic drinks

Make sure to avoid drinking before your appointment

Shave the area you want tattooed before getting inked

When getting a tattoo, you should plan to get your hair on the area shaved or else it will appear messy. You can also consult the tattoo artist when you book your appointment and confirm that this is what they’ll do.

How to get comfortable with proper rest when getting your first tattoo

You may experience feeling depressed after your tattoo, so it is vital to make sure that you have an escape plan to get out of the difficult situation. You might want to turn off your phone, make up games ahead of time, or think of somewhere that feels safe.

Advice from the artist

It’s important to feel confident that you are making a sound decision before getting a tattoo. Ask the artist questions, listen carefully to their responses, and make sure the design is personalized to your specifications

Patience is key when it comes to tattoos

After your first tattoo, relax and be patient during your session as the artist cannot break their concentration. Make sure to sit still and not fidget or become impatient for the procedure to finish.


When you first get your tattoo, it’s important to not itch it for the first few days. Experienced artists will cover the tattoo with something like Vaseline, but you can also just gently tap it instead.