This is the final boarding call for All the Models and Actors there. Finally, God had granted your wish of becoming an actor or model, whatever you had wished for. And if you are reading this, firstly, just Thank God for getting hit with such an amazing opportunity that will change your life forever because ABM is presenting Mr., Miss, Mrs., Kids, and Junior Digital India 2023. The Biggest National Beauty Pageant Show, Season 1. That has eye-catching perks and a ticket to Bollywood. And for the winner, a Brand Endorsement.

The team has put in its best effort to assist the contestants in reaching new heights, and as compensation, they will also provide limitless media coverage. Your story will print into the top newspapers in the country, including Zee5, ANI, Times Of India, Dailyhunt, Panjab Times, Lokmat Times, Mid-Day, The Lastly, Business Standard, The Statement, Haribhoomi, Sakal Jagran, The Pioneer, and many more. Knowing the requirements and difficulties of models, the show has developed numerous benefits that one may imagine. You will be getting a trophy, a certificate, shashe, medals, a free portfolio shoot, a winner’s trophy certificate, and a crown by entering the competition and spreading your jalwa in the show.

As a model, you understand the importance of hairstyling, costume, and makeup. The team has already planned to meet that demand for their contestants. After entering the contest, you will receive free makeup and a free hairstyle, as well as a costume designer who will work with you to meet your needs. The list doesn’t stop there; you’ll also receive participation bonuses worth 1000 rupees. And the opportunity to work on the Bollywood film ‘Pune To Goa’. Yes, the show’s organiser is Amol Bhagat a well-known Bollywood director, and if your performance catches his eye, you could become a rising Bollywood sensation.

Don’t worry, everyone will have the opportunity to be in the movie. Start honing your autograph-signing skills now because entering Season 1 of the Biggest National Beauty Pageant Show might make you the next big thing. Let me now introduce the enrollment process to you. Dial 7249417965 to reach them directly and enrol yourself. The grooming will take place on August 12, 2023, and the competition will start at 9 a.m. on August 13. Location: Sayaji Hotel, Wakad, Pune, on the Mumbai-Banglore Bypass Highway. ABM and their staff will provide accommodation, food, and grooming.

An excellent opportunity if you want to give your modelling or acting career a jump.  The show is organised by the renowned director from Bollywood, the director of the famous movie Pune to Goa, Amol Bhagat. The registration fee for the show is only Rs. 3000. This is your chance to tell your story to the world and prove yourself and your dream. No matter if you are married or single, boy or girl, this is the opportunity for you. Grab Or Gone.