Rode College is his wonderful debut as Hero in Punjabi Cinema

Dhanveer Singh has become a name synonymous with versatility and brilliance in the Indian film industry. His journey from memorable roles in Bollywood to leading performances in Punjabi cinema is a testament to his talent and dedication. Most recently, he stars in Rode College, which was released on June 7, 2024, further solidifying his status as a dynamic actor.

Dhanveer’s impressive portfolio boasts roles that have left an indelible mark on audiences. In the Bollywood film Dasvi, he starred as the younger brother of Abhishek Bachchan, showcasing his ability to hold his own alongside established actors. His performance in Sam Bahadur further cemented his reputation as a versatile actor capable of taking on challenging roles.

Singh also made a significant impact with his portrayal in Temple Attack, where his intense and nuanced acting brought the story to life. In the world of web series, he demonstrated his range in Chamak and Casino, captivating viewers with his compelling performances.

One of Dhanveer’s most remarkable achievements is his role as Shehzada Saleem in the musical play Mughal-E-Azam. His portrayal in this iconic production was nothing short of spectacular, earning him accolades for his ability to blend emotion with grandeur.

In the National Film Award-winning docu-drama The Saviour: Brig Pritam Singh, Dhanveer delivered a memorable performance as Brig Pritam, bringing the heroics of the real-life figure to the screen with authenticity and passion. This role showcased his ability to dive deep into historical characters and present their stories with respect and accuracy.


Adding to his impressive resume, Dhanveer is now leading the cast of Rode College, an organic Punjabi film written and directed by Happy Rode. Produced by Ashu Arora, Etush Bansal, and Rimple Brar, Rode College highlights Dhanveer’s talent in bringing raw, relatable characters to life. His performance in this film has already started garnering praise for its authenticity and depth.


Dhanveer Singh’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by a series of powerful and diverse roles that highlight his range as an actor. From Bollywood blockbusters to poignant Punjabi cinema, he continues to captivate audiences and critics alike with his performances. As he takes on new challenges and explores different facets of his craft, Dhanveer Singh is undoubtedly a rising star whose brilliance will continue to shine in the years to come. Excitingly, he is set to appear in several big film projects, promising even more memorable performances on the horizon.