Contemporary Dresses

Women may find numerous styles and various combinations of fashion in today’s society. With the diverse needs, seasons, and occasions, there is something to fit any preference. Check out this list of some of the most trendy dresses for women from our latest blog post on contemporary dresses.

Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated, breathy flirty look or an extravagant outfit, these top ten dresses can fit all of your modern style needs. They come in a range of contemporary styles and fashion trends to suit all the woman out there.

Oversized Victorian sleeves

Here are our top 3 favorite dresses from the 18th century. Lately, the oversized style has been making a grand comeback and is perfect for a slimmer figure with feminine touches like soft colors or black or grey. You can pull off a vintage puff-sleeved look in this vintage dress. And if you’re looking for something short with a low cut, this detailed platinum lace bodice number is just what you need!

Maxi coats and faux leather skirts

For a fashionable and warm look this winter, sporting a long-flowing vintage style coat will do the trick. This 90s staple dress piece is upgraded with slits to give it a fresh, modern feel.

Faux leather jumpsuits and boiler suits

Change up your look with these other top contemporary dresses for women that weren’t mentioned in the article. Add a dash of versatility to any outfit with this edgy 2019 trend by wearing it as a complete dress. Colorful dresses are perfect for any event and can vary from girly to short and sexy. For a chic biker look, wear an all black dress and add stylish boots. The stunning color blocks will surely help you stand out in a busy crowd.

Matching printed tTops and stockings

These contemporary dresses for women go with different tops and stockings, or a single color. The sleek outlook they create streamlining your personality paired with the diverse colors available is one of the top choices for women’s fashion.

Looking for Fluorescent Turtleneck Sweaters?

Give your wardrobe a pop of colour with neon dresses. They may look like they are just for summer, but these bright hues will keep you warm this winter. They go best with any skin tone and make an interesting fashion statement that is hard to miss.

Oversized shoulder pads jackets

With new styles created by the decade in the 80s, it’s easier than ever to find a great outfit without breaking the bank. An oversized shoulder pad blazer would work well with pants and a cigarette skirt or an office-appropriate outfit – you can combine this with any skirt or pants for a myriad of looks!

Bike Shorts & Blazers

The top contemporary stylish dresses for women are perfect for bringing creativity and fashion to every look. This fashion combination of sportswear and tailoring is a hit on the streets or brunch with friends. It’s inventive and chic, while still being practical.


How do you wear dark colors when you’re attracted to the lighter side? Embrace the shadow and show off the chic, moody vibe of black with a modern twist.