Amazon Great Freedom Festival: Grab the Best Deals on GM LED Lights and GM Modular, a renowned and trusted brand in the home electrical industry, is delighted to announce a limited-time special discount on LED GLO bulbs and LED Strato Tubelight.

The product is available on Amazon and Buyers can get a special discount during the Great India Freedom sale.  

The five-day sale started on  August 4 and will run through August 8.

Both the GLO Bulb and Strato LED Tube offer incredible energy-saving capabilities, drastically reducing electricity consumption without compromising on illumination quality. These durable lighting solutions are built to last, significantly reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance costs. By embracing eco-friendly LED technology, GM’s products contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving precious natural resources. The GLO Bulb and Strato LED Tube cater to a wide range of applications, from cosy homes to large commercial establishments, providing a superior lighting experience in every setting.

GM Modular has consistently delivered groundbreaking products in the form of switches and accessories, LEDs, fans, home automation, and more, setting new industry benchmarks and becoming a trusted name in millions of homes worldwide. 

Kamal Aneja, E-commerce Head of GM Modular  said “These revolutionary products showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability, offering our customers the opportunity to embrace brighter, greener, and more cost-effective lighting solutions.”

For more information about the special discount offer and to explore the range of LED lights five-day sale started on  August 4 and will run through August 8., visit: 829095ECD7F6?ingress=2&visitId=29b66f46-b91d-4fa7-85de-9604beee9ec6&ref_=ast_bln